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Character Name: Kristoph Gavin
Series: Ace Attorney
Age: 34
From When?: For his crimes, Kristoph receives the death penalty. So, right there.

Inmate/Warden: Inmate. Kristoph kills a man because he loses in a poker game, disbars a second for taking his legal case, and then a third for being able to incriminate him in his own crimes. He's a total liar and a cheat, as well as being extremely manipulative, with unending ambition and a knack for being really condescending.

Item: N/A

Abilities/Powers: Kristoph is very good at playing the violin, has an intimate knowledge of law, is an extremely good liar, speaks several languages (English, Italian, German, French, and Japanese) and is very well read. Otherwise, a perfectly average human being.


Kristoph is a charmer and a perfectionist. Everything about him is gentlemanly; he holds the door open for young women, helps people across the street, and says please and thank you. He's almost always pleasant to deal with, and he's always smiling, even while delivering a death sentence. He is nearly impossible to upset, and he can count the times he’s raised his voice in anger on two hands. The only thing to dislike him, really, is that condescending edge that never seems to fully leave his voice or his twinkling eyes. He also has a habit of using unwanted terms of endearment, most commonly my dear.

With his superiors, he is respectful, quiet, agreeable, hard-working and diligent. With men under his power, he is friendly and attempts to make life relatively easy without allowing people to slack off. Working for Kristoph is busy, but generally not totally exhausting.

Kristoph loves knowing things. He listens in on conversations, asks hidden (and subtle) probing questions, and has a fantastic memory. He also writes in his journal every night about each day and all the things he learned. He also loves the sound of his own voice.

It may also be noted that everything remotely kind about him is totally fake.

Kristoph, if ever diagnosed, would probably fall squarely into the anti-personality disorder category, between his nearly pathological (and nearly perfect) lying, his love of manipulating people, and his utter lack of compassion for any other member of humanity aside from himself. His conscience has long since departed from him, along with anything vaguely resembling a moral center. Kristoph's flawless smile is dangerous, and the only thing more dangerous than his smile is his frown. He does not let people or things get in the way of his nearly boundless ambition, and respects no one but himself.

There is really no way to explain how boundless Kristoph's ego really is. He believes himself to be above everyone, especially other human beings regardless of their status. He also thinks himself above the law, going way past that at any slights. With that massive ego comes how desperately frail it is - while he may appear to not mind slights against his person, he never forgets, and he really never forgives. In canon, the loss of a game of cards turns into a double murder, and when a case he is assigned to goes to Phoenix Wright (over this game of cards), he disbars Phoenix.

As part of being a total sociopath, Kristoph has absolutely zero care about anyone else in his life besides himself. He has a younger brother, Klavier, who he seems to be somewhat fond of, but he ends up using the man in his machinations to get Phoenix disbarred without cluing him into the rest of the story. While he seems somewhat fond of his protege, Apollo, he turns on him immediately when there's the possibility that Kristoph could be discovered.

Kristoph also has a disdain for those who don't take care of themselves - he is extremely meticiously in his own grooming, and those who don't care as much about how they appear to him obviously are worth very little, if nothing. He immediately thinks the opinions of those "lesser" are worthless, and tends to condescend them to the max, calling them "mindless, emotional, irrational mouth-breathers," in canon.

That being said, Kristoph can be set off. He doesn't like being proved wrong and he doesn't like being beaten, especially when he's been putting a lot of effort into his plan in motion. Setting Kristoph off is basically like a nuclear bomb exploding, in which he veritably freaks out, runs around calling people lunatics, and probably needs to spend some time in zero. In canon, when he loses, he "laughs for hours and it can be heard across the court." There are stages to his insanity, of course, and while he never wants to reach lunatic screaming stage (featured here, it can happen.

As an inmate, the difficult thing about Kristoph is that he's intensely self-absorbed that it'd difficult for him to understand why he should take slights less seriously (he beat me) or why he should even consider wondering if other have more right ideas with him. Additionally, he's thoroughly manipulative - he'll need a warden that sees through his bullshit smiles and can play his twisted wordgames without falling on on themselves. Paitience in scores will be necessary, because mostly Kristoph will calmly explain that a man of your caliber simply won't understand. An eye for the truth (Kristoph is a compulsive liar) going to be absolutely necessary, with a preference against physical violence. If you have to beat the truth into him, Kristoph believes, than it's obviously not the right thing. The law, after all, is firm, and in the end doesn't hurt unless it's the final penalty.

Another thing Kristoph will need plenty of is evidence. He can't be swayed by emotional pleas, pretty faces, I told you sos, or promises. Kristoph wiggles out of a murder charge (almost) based on the fact that he eliminates the evidence from the case, and is charged with murder with a forged piece. Kristoph's mind can't be changed by anything else than facts or truth, which might be difficult especially in an absurd place like the space barge.

Path to Redemption:

The most important thing for Kristoph to learn is humility: that he is not the best, that there are other people with better opinions than his, and that it's quite possible that the things around him may change for the better. The public opinion might be the wisest. The upper class is not always the most well-meaning. These are ideals that Kristoph finds to be absolute nonsense and he's not going to become a nicer person until he figures this out. The best way to do this would be with a simple observation - trying to get people to show him their growth through what they've learned and the information gained from people Kristoph would otherwise not talk with. Being humbled would allow Kristoph to not murder people for beating him at games, too.

Kristoph is passionate about knowledge and learning, so a similar bookworm might have better luck trying to convince him that he's a complete psychopath using evidence, historical junk, that kind of thing. Additionally, he'll most likely come with a strong desire to return back to his home (his law office, his library, and his violin notably), so he'll definitely be interested in listening. He's more likely to learn from actually seeing something happen or via historical references; he doesn't put much stock in other people's stories.

kristoph @ ace attorney wiki.

Sample Journal Entry:


I suppose this is certainly not the worst thing that's ever happened to me, now is it? Trapped on a strange boat with all matter of fascinating comrades. Definitely a preferable alterative to being stuck at home. Does this ship have a library, I wonder? I imagine there might be all kinds of new books. Perhaps even space boat law books, possibly the best kind of books to ever be written.

Hm. Apparently, this boat has made me rude. I'm Kristoph. It's a pleasure to meet every one of you.

Sample RP:

The people on the boat, undoubtably, left something to be desired. Half of them were monsters of one sort of another – a glowy blue-eyed amored freak, vampires, some sort of werewolf – and that was just the half of it. He was curious, certainly, but equal parts also horrified and repulsed. It was almost (almost) enough to make him desire his cell. At least he’d been in peace there, and not surrounded by this absolute trash.

But there were lots of good things about the boat. He wasn’t dead, which was a definite plus: death being fairly final, after all. He was familiar with a story from one of Wright’s cases that involved a ghost, but he wasn’t sure how one got to that point. And there were at least options here, and more entertainments that prison could offer: a spacious library, and a greenhouse that may have had some poison options for that sickly, red-robed wretch who could not in any way be less unpleasant. He was working towards acquiring a violin, though it was moderately infuriating that he could not simply have one, and perhaps some polish. His manicure was chipping, and it was a terribly unfortunate look for a man as talented as himself.

“Hello,” he said in the hallway a man passing. The man’s clothing was distinctly unpleasant, like a teenager, and he had ripped jeans, and an obnoxiously cocky smile. But the man stopped to say hello, so Kristoph smiled and tilted his head, falling easily into the role. It felt so familiar to not let these wretches understand how he felt; let them writhe in their own ignorance.

“I hope you’re having a good day," he said.

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